2020 Colour & Decor Trends

Escape technology, find serenity, through colour.

2020’s colour and decor trends are refined and natural, simple but not somber.

Blending classical and modern design styles and reflecting the need to dial it back from technology now and then, our colour and decor trends in 2020 build upon last year’s with-class grounding in old world charm and craftsmanship.

Selected from our advanced paint colour palette and our new Dulux Professional Wood Care line, our 2020 trend colours take inspiration from earth’s elements, with colours are richly organic yet serene, and show a hint of retro.

Influenced by the symmetry and simplicity of classical architecture and design for forms, patterns and materials, heritage designs are updated with mineral colours and warm metals, transforming basic items into crafted, statement pieces. Form follows function in this expression of state-of-the-art luxury in simplicity.

With PPG colour experts in more than 25 countries providing ‘on-the-street’, close to the action insights, our annual trends forecasting is the culmination of months of research and customer facing input to provide a truly authentic palette of colour directions.

Dulux Paint 2020 Colour of the Year: Chinese Porcelain

Dulux Paint 2020 Colour of the Year: Chinese Porcelain

Image credit: Fülhaus Inc., designers of the spaces for Maisons & Co.

Why blue? Blue is calming and stable, the colour of knowledge, integrity and stability. A majority and perennial favourite, blue is utterly likeable.

Dulux Colour of the Year, Chinese Porcelain (DLX1160-6) is both secure and promising. This is the best possible entry point from the world of neutrals to the world of colours, the perfect backdrop for more vibrant or lighter colours to pop.

Dulux 2020 Stain Colour of the Year: Teak 

Dulux 2020 Stain Colour of the Year: Teak

Why a stain colour of the year? Our nation’s roots, its livelihood, its strength are in celebrating the natural. Both indoors and outside, we find comfort in the beauty of wood.

Dulux Stain Colour of the Year, Teak, is a versatile, semi-transparent colour that provides a warm, mid-toned, neutral background, whether inside or out. Teak has a 1970s retro vibe with a richness that fits in today's world.

More 2020 Trend Colours

A quiet, down-to-earth colour palette anchored in strong neutrals sets the tone for an uncluttered aesthetic. Colour-dense hues are balanced with neutrals that are warmer, moving further away from cool, stark greys.

Dulux 2020 Colour Trends

How to Use This Year’s Colours and Decor Trends?

Paint an accent wall in Chinese Porcelain as a perfect backdrop for white to pop. Accentuate the sense of calm with Gray Marble (DLX1002-4) on the other walls and warm metal accents.

In addition to warm wood stained in Teak, pair Gracious Glow (DLX1116-5) with leather accents and naturally textured elements.

Stain a deck in semi-transparent Teak, then add Chinese Porcelain solid stained chairs for the perfect spot to relax and get away from it all. Complete the scheme with exterior walls painted in Talavera (DLX1018-5).

Create a playful yet retro vibe in a kids’ space with a paint scheme of Chinese Porcelain, Gracious Glow and Brown Clay (DLX1199-6).

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