Calcimine Ceiling Paint

Calcimine Ceiling Paint


Glidden Ultra Interior Calcimine Recoater is a premium quality, flat alkyd based coating formulated specifically for recoating calcimine painted (stucco) surfaces. It features excellent hiding, good spatter resistance with good flow and leveling. Can be top coated with latex and alkyd paint.

Ideal for

Formulated specifically for recoating calcimine painted (stucco) surfaces.

Available Sheens

  • Flat

Available Bases

  • White

Features & Benefits

Easy Application

Excellent flow and application properties results in a smooth finish with minimal spatter and no brush or drag marks.


Formulated to provide superior coverage and sealing properties, that reduces the need for multiple coats.

Solvent based product

Some calcimine/stucco ceilings will disintegrate if coated directly with a water-based product. Make sure you use this product with good ventilation.

Technical Information
Product SKU Sheen Base Sizes TDS SDS Certifications
Calcimine Ceiling Paint 94600 Flat White Pails Gallons Download Download MPI-49