Dulux Perfect Palette

100 of the best paint colours for your home.

Specially selected from the Dulux colour system, the 100 designer curated paint colours of the Perfect Palette work beautifully on their own or in unison, making it easier to pick the paint colours that are perfectly suited to you and your home.

Explore the 100 paint colours of the Dulux Perfect Palette

This collection of designer chosen, on-trend and most popular paint colours ranges from ashen purples and reds, tawny earth-tones, to warm neutrals, on to green-tinged hues, cool blues and contemporary greys.

Visit our online virtual paint colour visualizer tool to explore this and our other curated paint palettes. 

Dulux Perfect Palette Overlaid on Beige-Walled Living Room

Tips for using the Dulux Perfect Palette to Pick Paint Colours for Your Home 

Focus on a Colour Group
Focus on the paint colour groups in the Perfect Palette you gravitate to, selecting light, medium or dark tones that provide contrast and balance to the colours of the flooring, furnishings, fabrics and other decor elements in the space.

Pick up the Perfect Palette paint chips from your local Dulux Paints store to see how these ideal paint colours look in your home.

Find Colour Inspiration
Colourful art, fabric or an area rug can inspire - choose paint colours from the Perfect Palette in the same, lighter or darker tones of your inspiration piece, naturally creating a cohesive look.

Find more tips and ideas for choosing paint colours for your living room, bedroom, kitchen and more in our Colour Inspiration gallery.

Choose a Feature Wall Accent Colour
Choose a deeper paint colour from the Perfect Palette or our full paint palette for an accent wall, as a complement to the overall wall colour, repeating it at least twice within the space (in the accessories or furnishings) or use the same accent paint colour in another room. A powder room or bathroom is also an ideal spot for being bold with your paint colour choice.

Dulux Kitchen and Bath is an ideal paint choice for giving your bathroom a fresh, new look with paint.

Complete the Finishing Touches
Pick a light neutral for trim and doors and the ceiling from this palette or from our full range of whites. Or, for a contemporary, space expanding effect, paint these elements the same or similar colour as the walls.

Fast drying PPG Break-Through! is a durable paint choice for interior and exterior trim, doors and windows.

Watch just how easily these three rooms are transformed with a little help from the Dulux Perfect Palette.

Dulux Perfect Palette Makeover Video - Adrienne's Bedroom

Dulux Perfect Palette Makeover Video - Leslie's Basement

Dulux Perfect Palette Makeover Video - Kids' Room