Must-Have Accessories

Get the right tools for your project

Dulux Paints stores offer a large variety of painting accessories for DIY painters and professional painters.  Whether you are updating your home-office, your bedroom or any other part of your home, make sure to order some of the below most popular sundry items to get your project done with ease and without the need for multiple store visits.

*Product availability subject to change.  To browse all of our accessories visit:  https://accessories.dulux.ca/

Dulux Insider Tip:  Save Your Back With An Extension Pole

A high-quality extension pole, like the SHERLOCK pole shown above, is the ultimate painting essential, and not just for ceilings and tall walls. An extension pole makes all the difference for painting any wall.

Use with a roller or brush, it’ll be easier on your back and on your wrists while speeding up the job, making painting much simpler, resulting in a more even finish. View more painting tips