2023 Paint Colour & Design Trends

2022 Dulux Paint Colour of The Year: Olive Sprig

Dulux 2023 Colour of the Year:
Reflecting on what matters most. 

Design trends have always been a reflection of cultural movement. So much of what comes next is a direct mirroring of what transpired in the recent years and even the past decade. The driver of our 2023 Dulux trend colours forecast is the idea of reflection-reflecting on what matters to us most, our relationship to the planet and even the way we engage with others: Serenity, Origin, Duality.

Dulux 2023 paint colour Vining Ivy living room

Dulux 2023 Colour of the Year:
Vining Ivy 

A beautifully robust and refined blue-green teal, the dark and muted tonality of Vining Ivy (DLX1148-6) Dulux 2023 Paint Colour of the year is symbolic of the deepest depth of a body of water. An enchanting aqua representing contemporary and traditional styles, it perfectly marries a touch of the past and a taste of the future.

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Dulux 2023 paint colour Vining Ivy bedroom


An elegant colour, use Vining Ivy in rooms where you wish to relax and unwind, such as a living room or bedroom. Add an additional infusion of comfort with warm metal, along with deeper toned wood and off-white elements.

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Dulux Serenity colour trends restaurant

2023 Trending Theme:
Gentle / Soothing / Renewing 

A graceful palette of milky pastels, watery tones and warm neutrals.

Serenity is about prioritizing the important things in life and taking precedent to find internal peace. It is a design theme that reflects on our relationship with ourselves and our need for sanctuary and calm.



Dulux Synchroncity painted living room


Combining the styles of quiet design and warm minimalism, the Serenity decor aesthetic focuses on creating a mental reset. Use these serene colours in the spaces where you retreat for sanctuary and calm.



Dulux 2023 Serenity trend paint colour chips


Dulux Origin colour trends restaurant

2023 Trending Theme:
Grounding / Connected / Authentic 

A design theme that expands on our evolving relationships with the environment.

Origin is a grounding and magical palette that captivates the beauty of the natural world. It is a decor theme that creates a sense of safety and a desire to push into unfamiliar territories. 



Dulux Blackberry painted dining room


With nature determining architectural lines and boundaries, the Origin palette of dark, earthy tones adds embellishment through colour, creating a mood of abundance in any room. Stone and marble, in natural hues, and mid-tone woods bring warmth to clean contemporary spaces.



Dulux 2023 Origin trend paint colour chips



Dulux Duality colour office meeting room

2023 Trending Theme:
Bold / Adaptive / Blended

A design theme that celebrates our relationships with each other and how we show ourselves to the world. 

Duality decor sees retro-futuristic shapes blended with colour-blocking, creating a playful design spirit that applies well to offices, stores and at home. 



Dulux Visionary and Georgian Leather painted kitchen


Blurring the lines between traditional and contemporary, Duality is old-school glamour for the modern age. Add colourful accessories in matte, lacquered and metallic finishes for a sense of playfulness and to amplify the drama.



Dulux 2023 Duality trend paint colour chips





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