Glidden Speedwall Primer

Glidden Speedwall Primer


Glidden Speedwall Primer, suitable for interior use on new surfaces when a flat or low sheen top coats are desired, is high-hiding and applies easily to most properly prepared surfaces. (Not for use over previously painted or glossy surfaces.)

Ideal for

Plaster, drywall, masonry, wood, concrete, stucco.

Available Sheens

  • Primer

Available Bases

  • Primer

Features & Benefits

Economical Quality

A good quality, cost conscious primer for any job.


Formulated to provide good coverage, reducing the need for multiple coats.

Technical Information
Product SKU Sheen Base Sizes TDS SDS Certifications
Glidden Speedwall Primer 8130 Primer Primer Pails Gallons Download Download LEED
Speedwall Primer/Sealer 8132A Primer Primer Pails Gallons Download Download LEED