PAINTING TIPS to Du it with Dulux

Don’t even think about painting without reading these quicker, better, smarter tips that will change your life.

From small touch ups to room redos, du all your painting with DULUX®

No matter if yours is a big or small painting project, these best painting tips, plus the expert knowledge of our associates are all the painting advice, products and tools you’ll need to du it quicker, better and smarter.

Game-changing tips that will get your painting project done quicker, better, smarter.

How To Paint Quicker
Pondering how to get your painting project done quicker, with a professional looking finish? These tips will help you paint your home quicker.

  •  Use the proper tools - quality brushes and rollers mean paint goes on easier, more evenly and more efficiently, and proper cleaning tools help said brushes and rollers get cleaned up in a jiffy.
  •  Paint in the right conditions - make sure the temperature and humidity aren’t too high and the space is well-ventilated to help the paint dry faster.
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Don’t even think about painting without reading these quicker, better, smarter tips that will change your life.

How To Paint Better
Wondering how to paint a room so your results look even better? Follow these bits of advice to help you paint your home better.
  •  Don’t skimp on painting preparation - be sure to fill, sand and prime any holes and damage, and start with a clean surface. Also, prime new, unpainted surfaces and if making a major colour change.
  •  Paint by order - work from top to bottom, starting with the ceiling, then the trim/windows/doors, the walls, and finally the baseboards, avoiding any evidence of tell-tale drips!
  •  Smooth it out - use a brush to paint or ‘cut-in’ the corners of the room and along trim, then immediately run over with a roller for a consistent texture to the rest of the wall.
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How To Paint Smarter
Looking for some smarter tips for how to pick paint colours and advice for painting your space? Read on for pointers on how to paint your home smarter.
  •  Pick the paint colour LAST - choose your furnishings and finishes first! Look for inspo for choosing paint colours in your decor like a colourful rug, artwork or fabric, the colours in your kitchen countertop, your bathroom tile, etc.
  •  Use the right paint sheen - flat to shiny, sheen can impact how a colour looks in different light, and play a role in durability. A matt sheen is a treat at hiding imperfections. A semi-gloss sheen is a hard worker on hardwearing surfaces like trim and doors.
  •  Keep rolling - and brushing, even if you’re taking a break from painting. Wrap rollers and brushes in aluminum foil and pop them in the freezer to pick up where you left off later. Just let them come to room temperature first.

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Bonus Painting Tips 
Still can’t quite decide on a paint colour? Order our BIG, 8”x 8” Vision by Dulux paint swatches to help you envision your favourite paint colours right in your own home. Exclusively available online for shipping directly to you!
And, you can virtually test and ‘try on’ Dulux paint colours, even before lifting paint brush, with our handy online paint colour visualizer tool.
Do you know?
Yes, you’ll find paint at your local Dulux Paints store.
But you’ll also find colour and product advice, and all the preparation, protection, application and clean-up tools you’ll need as well.
Now you know. So, go du it quicker, better, smarter. Du it with Dulux.
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