2024 Paint Colour & Decor Trends

2022 Dulux Paint Colour of The Year: Olive Sprig

Checking Out | Transforming to Wonder & Awe | Defying + Reinventing

As we enter a new era of explosive creativity and change, the coming years will see unprecedented shifts in the way we work, communicate, take care of our health, build and navigate our environments, explore digital worlds, create and design, and even how we share our own identities with the world.

The prevailing winds of change indicate that cultural undercurrents are shifting in positive, expansive creative and LIMITLESS ways. This year’s design trends and colour palettes are expressed as volumes instead of by unique names because each design direction ultimately represents a piece of a larger, more integrated whole, with the freedom to blend design elements from Volumes I, II and III.

Dulux 2024 paint colour Limitless light yellow beige wall dining room table chairs

Dulux 2024 Colour of the Year: Limitless 

A fresh, warm hue, Limitless (DLX1091-3) Dulux 2024 Paint Colour of the Year, contains both the power of a primary and the essence of a neutral. It is strong enough to stand as the leading colour of many projects, yet works equally well as a supporting tone to both warm and cool shades.

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Dulux 2024 paint colour Limitless light yellow beige kitchen cabinets

Trending Tips

A fresh and energizing take on a neutral.

Limitless works well with a wide range of colours and wood tones. At home with black and brass metals, it looks great with trending polished silver and bronze finishes, too. Its versatility among today’s decor trends is almost limitless!

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Dulux 2024 design colour trends V1 bedroom Cajun Spice arch on wall light beige Hourglass wall

Trends Volume I

Checking out the world at large, tuning elsewhere.

Reflecting an inward-looking focus to create a deeper, more holistically connected relationship with oneself, the calming, soothing and softening tints and tones of Volume I are offset by warmed earthen and cooling twilight shades. Ancient and futuristic references combine for a quiet and calming spirit.



Dulux 2024 paint colour trends palette V1 living room chair table Craftsman Gold medium golden wall

Trending Tips

Providing a calm aesthetic prioritizing pastels and popular neutrals, use these colours tone on tone or off-set by clean or soft, quiet, grounding whites, in matte, satin and textural finishes.



Dulux 2024 paint colour trends palette V1


Dulux 2024 design colour trends V2 plants table books Blue Flame dark rich teal wall

Trends Volume II

Transforming the world at large into a place of wonder and awe.

Through discovering a deepening of a relationship with nature and other environments, Volume II transforms spaces into places of wonder and awe. A generous range of earthy and natural greens pair with a bouquet of warm and floral hues-further energized by vivacious blues and kept in balance by dark neutrals.



Dulux 2024 paint colour trends palette V2 kitchen Purple Basil deep purple cabinets white walls island stools

Trending Tips

In interiors, these colours pair with marbles, resins, even glossy or lacquered finishes - glamorous, new and fresh! On the exterior, forever in fashion earthy browns and wood trims with dusty floral hues bring a new level of enchantment.




Dulux 2024 paint colour trends palette V2



Dulux 2024 design colour trends V3 traditional dining room Willow Herb green wall

Trends Volume III

Defying + reinventing the world at large.

Referencing popular hues from the Baroque, Renaissance, Art Deco and Pop Art periods, this palette combines the best of the best. Volume III aims to defy and reinvent the world at large - mashing together eras in a way that reads timeless without feeling formulaic.


Dulux 2024 paint colour trends palette V3 kitchen Parfait pink cabinets Black Walnut brown wall

Trending Tips

Elegance blends with a darkened mood in this palette. Juxtapose high gloss finishes to ultra-matte ones; mix contemporary furnishings with traditional architectural details.




Dulux 2024 Volume III trend paint colour chips



Essential Neutrals

These contemporary neutrals elegantly complement this year’s trending paint colours.

Dulux essential neutrals trend paint colour chips


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