What if there was a washable wall paint that allows you to wipe away most stains with ease? 

Yes, really. WIPE CLEAN!

Dulux Diamond Distinction is formulated with proprietary CLEAN SURFACE TECHNOLOGY™ to form a barrier to stains. It keeps more of a stain at the surface where you can easily wash it away with an all-purpose cleaner. Stop reaching for abrasive sponges and cleaners that damage your paint. Washable paint. Paint that is different. 


The video below demonstrates the stain resistance power of the low-sheen finish of Dulux Diamond Distinction paint with two competitors’ paints.


The video below demonstrates the exceptional resistance to colour loss and gloss change – what is called mar and burnish resistance.

Keep your walls looking fresh until YOU are ready for a change of colour.  Click here for technical information about Dulux Diamond Distinction washable wallpaint.