Exterior Paint Colours

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Exterior paint colours are the welcome committee for your home. What do you want them to say?

Only One Chance to Make a First Impression

So make it a good one! Our beautiful and inviting exterior colour combinations make it easy to up the curb appeal of your house with the best exterior paint colour schemes. 

Choosing Exterior Paint Colours

Start with the walls or body of the exterior - look to the colours in the roof, brick, stone and other finishes for inspiration and choose a paint colour that's the same, a bit darker or lighter than or a complement to one of these.

If you choose a light paint colour for the walls or if the existing cladding is light, consider a darker colour for the trim. On the flip side, if the wall colour is medium or dark, you may like the look of a light paint colour on the trim.

Dulux 2021 Colour Inspiration Exterior 1

Explore these classic exterior paint colours:

> Ashen DLX1023-3

> Gypsum DLX1006-1

> Brass Mesh DLX1209-6 

A bright or more intense shade is perfect for a front door, as it will help highlight the entry and welcome visitors with colour. Consider painting shutters or other decorative elements the same or variation of the same colour. But not the garage doors if you don’t want these to be a feature. Use the same colour as your walls to help them recede.

Dulux 2021 Colour Inspiration Exterior 2

Explore these welcoming exterior paint colours:

> Spiced Vinegar DLX1098-4

> Caramelized Walnut DLX1074-6

> Ferris Wheel DLX1059-5

Remember, all paint colours look lighter outside in the bright sun, and even when its cloudy. So, don’t be timid! Choose colours a shade or two brighter or darker than you might for the inside of your home.

Dulux 2021 Colour Inspiration Exterior 3

Explore these modern exterior paint colours:

> Smoke Screen DLX1038-4

> Steeple Gray DLX1012-5

> Secret Safari DLX1110-4

Looking for more inspiring exterior paint colour combinations?

We’ve made it easier to make the exterior of your house look fabulous with an entire collection of captivating exterior paint colour combinations.

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