Perma-Crete Plex-Seal Exterior Clear Sealer

Perma-Crete Plex-Seal Exterior Clear Sealer


Protect and beautify your concrete surface with low-VOC Perma-Crete Plex-Seal WB Clear Sealer. Plex-Seal sealer resists hot tire pick-up, minimizing stains and discolouration on traffic surfaces and decreasing maintenance costs. This ready-to-use concrete sealer is moisture resistant and has excellent adhesion, preventing the coating from peeling and cracking thereby extending the substrate life.

PERMA-CRETE® Plex-Seal ™ Exterior Clear Sealer 4-6200XIC is a clear, non-yellowing, film forming, water-borne acrylic sealer ideal for use on exterior, above-ground, vertical and horizontal surfaces. PERMA-CRETE® Plex-Seal ™ WB is water resistant and seals the surface while maintaining the natural appearance of the substrate

Ideal For

Use on interior and exterior, above-grade, vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces such as garage floors, driveways, pool decks, walkways, warehouse floors and more.


Available Sheens

  • Satin

Available Bases

  • Clear
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Features & Benefits

Alkali resistance

Can apply to fresh conrete at 7 days and surfaces pH of less than 13 with 2 coats

Application to 2 ° C

Longer painting season

Excellent adhesion

Resists hot tire pick-up

Ideal for exposed aggregate

Maintains natural appearance on multiple substrates

Moisture resistance

Extends substrate life

Yellowing resistance

Resists colour change over time

Technical Information
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