FLOETROL Latex Paint Additive

FLOETROL Latex Paint Additive


A latex paint additive that improves paint flow and levelling while helping to reduce the adverse Effects that weather and surface conditions have on Coatings.

Ideal for

For use with acrylic paints, primers or stains. Recommended ratio is 8 -16 ounces of FLOETROL per gallon of paint or stain not to exceed 32 ounces per gallon, depending on application method.


Available Sheens

  • Other

Available Bases

  • Additive

Features & Benefits

Ease of application

Makes latex paints and primers flow more smoothly

Improves top coat appearance

Eliminates brush and roller marks

Technical Information
Product SKU Sheen Base Sizes TDS SDS Certifications
FLOETROL Latex Paint Additive FLD6C Other Additive Gallons Download Download