Exterior Stain Colours

From the lightest of natural tones to the deepest and richest hues, our high-performance Dulux Professional Wood Finishes come in a wide range of colours that complement and bring out the best of wood’s natural beauty.

Semi-Transparent vs Solid Stain Colours

Semi-transparent stain colours allow both the texture and the colour of the grain to show through, highlighting the natural beauty of wood. Applying a semi-transparent stain over an existing semi-transparent stain will result in a darker, more opaque colour.

Solid stain is opaque with depth of colour, but unlike paint, allows some of the wood texture to show through. A solid stain colour remains the same regardless of the number of coats or the type of wood.

How to choose a stain colour?

Which colour to choose depends a lot on what is being stained, along with the inspiration that comes from the colours of other exterior finishes and furnishings.

Siding. Look to the colours in the brick, stone or roof for direction. If these are dark, a lighter body stain is ideal; if light, a darker colour will have a grounding effect. Balance the scheme with the colours of the trim, doors and other features.

Decks. Consider who, how and when the deck is used to create an inviting outdoor living space. Just like an interior room, take stain colour inspiration from other finishes, along with furnishings and accessories.

Fences. Consider this as the backdrop to outdoor activities, choosing a colour that elevates rather than competes with the colours of other finishes, furnishings and garden plantings.

Interior & Exterior Semi-Transparent Stain Colours

Select from our range of curated colours that enhance and highlight wood’s natural textures.


Exterior Solid Stain Colours

120 wood colours plus our full palette mean the choices are almost limitless.