Choosing the Right Exterior Stain

Dulux Professional Wood Finishes consistently live up to our reputation for exceptional, total, product performance.

Why stain? Wood naturally breaks down when it’s exposed to daylight, water, moulds and mildew. Stain protects exterior wood from the harmful rays of the sun and repels water, keeping moisture content as low as possible. Stain also protects wood surfaces from mould and mildew, while effective mildewcides discourage them from even getting started. And a wide-range of colours beautifies while extending enjoyable living spaces into the out of doors.

But it’s important to pick the right product for each exterior staining project. You’ll find these tips helpful…as well as our expert associates at your local Dulux Paints store.

Exterior Semi-Transparent Stain

Semi-transparent stain allows both the texture and the colour of the grain to show through, highlighting the natural beauty of wood, while providing needed protection from Canadian weather.

Dulux CWF-UV®5 Penetrating Wood Finish

Provides the durability of an acrylic finish and the richness of a penetrating alkyd. Offers the very best sun protection (in 7 exclusive, lightest of stain colours) through a blend of transparent iron oxides and UV and visible light stabilizers. The best choice of our exterior stains for the lightest, most natural finish when staining new wood.

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Dulux Semi-Transparent Acrylic/Oil Stain

Offers excellent sun protection from a blend of transparent iron oxides and UV and visible light stabilizers (ideal with deeper colours), and the durability of an acrylic finish and the richness of a penetrating alkyd.

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Dulux Semi-Transparent Oil Finish

A rich, oil-based formula that penetrates and protects, delivering excellent adhesion and beautifying all exterior wood surfaces.

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WoodPride Oil/Acrylic Semi-Transparent Stain

Fortified with natural, penetrating oils that provide quality adhesion and good UV protection, the acrylic component delivers very good durability.

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Exterior Solid Stain

Solid stain is opaque with depth of colour, but unlike paint, allows some of the wood texture to show through, coupled with professional-quality protection from the elements.

Dulux Solid Colour 100% Acrylic Deck and Siding Stain

Advanced formulation that is extremely durable, protecting wood from damage by moisture or sunlight. Our very best exterior solid stain backed by an outstanding warranty.

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WoodPride Solid Colour Oil/Acrylic Deck and Siding Stain

Reinforced with natural, penetrating oils, delivers good opacity and protection on both horizontal and vertical wood surfaces.

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WoodPride Solid Colour Acrylic Siding Stain

Delivers a high-hiding, protective finish on vertical surfaces, while allowing wood’s natural grain texture to show through. Providing good protection on vertical surfaces, this product should not be used on horizontal wood surfaces.

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