What if there was a paint that lets you wipe stains easily away?

There is.  Scrubbing stains from walls is now a thing of the past. 

Dulux Diamond Distinction is formulated with proprietary CLEAN SURFACE TECHNOLOGY™ to form a barrier to stains. It keeps more of a stain at the surface where you can easily wash it away with an all-purpose cleaner. Stop reaching for abrasive sponges and cleaners that damage your paint. This paint is different.  


Ideal for residential and commercial projects, proprietary PPG CLEAN-SURFACE TECHNOLOGY™ integrates the toughness of automotive coatings with stain-proof electronics coatings technology. Stains like wine, greasy hand-grime and scuffs are easy to remove. Stains wash away easily with gentle all-purpose cleaner. The finish has exceptional resistance to gloss change and colour loss across the palette, even in deep colours.

The video below demonstrates the stain resistance power of the low-sheen finish of Dulux Diamond Distinction paint with two competitors’ paints.


The video below demonstrates the exceptional resistance to colour loss and gloss change – what is called mar and burnish resistance.

Leave the job site with confidence knowing you’re leaving a great first, and lasting, impression.  Choose new Dulux Diamond Distinction for your customer’s next interior paint project.