Interior Stain Colours

From the lightest of natural tones to the deepest and richest hues, our high-From a curated collection of interior semi-transparent stain colours to natural-looking interior varnishes, our high-performance Dulux Professional Wood Finishes bring out the best of wood’s rich beauty.

How to choose an interior stain colour?

Which colour to choose depends on the desired effect and what is being stained. Look to the colours of the room’s decor for inspiration.

Floors. A dark stain grounds a room when contrasted with a lighter wall colour. A light stained or varnished floor helps to brighten a space, making a prominent wood grain a feature.

Cabinets. Darker stain creates a more formal mood, while lighter stain can expand a space. Or mix it up! Darker stained lower cabinets with lighter stained or painted upper cabinets lends a more casual look.

TIP: Pay attention to a stain colour’s undertone - cooler, grey-toned stains generally work better with cooler colours (blues, violets and greens), while warmer-toned stains pair well with warmer colours (reds, yellows and oranges).

Want the look of wood’s natural character without additional colour? Skip the staining. Finishing with varnish only provides lustre and protection with all the character shining through.

Remember to always test a stain or varnish in a hidden area or on a scrap piece of wood. Stain colour becomes duller as it dries, but a coat of varnish restores the colour’s brightness.

Interior & Exterior Semi-Transparent Stain Colours

Select from our range of curated colours that enhance and highlight wood’s natural textures.