Strong, Comforting, Energetic, Ripe, Playful, Tangy

Use orange to create a fun setting, that promotes movement and excitement, invites friendliness, promotes a pleasurable spirit and suggests joyfulness. 

Putting it to work

Because it reflects the light warmly, imparting a sense of comfort, orange is a good colour for interior as well as exterior walls. But that cosiness can turn slightly oppressive if a very bright tone of orange is applied to a large area. With orange, it is all a matter of matching the hue and the purpose. To the left, a reassuring, earthy shade has been set to work in a high, cool living room. The terracotta walls beckon us closer to the fire, inviting us to snuggle up. On the right, a space for gathering becomes a cheerful, open place where you are encouraged to speak your mind.

What is orange? A mixture of red and yellow, be it almost coral near salmon, or zippy tangerine.


Like yellow, orange can be used to help us understand the dynamics of a place. In the apartment on the left, orange has been given the job to tell us where the doors are between communal (white or grey) and private (orange) space. On the right, it brings out the warm tones in a room full of neutrals.

Natural, earthy tones are like a friendly hug. They turn any space into a welcoming guest room. Relax and make yourself comfortable, they say.

Blush to life

Somewhere on the colour wheel, orange comes close to red. It's that zone where peach, pink and coral all start to overlap. These colours bring out the best in cool neutrals, like the icy grey on the left, or the clay tone to the right. It's almost like magic.