2017 Colour Trends

Paint Colours Are Extra-terrestrial In 2017

Energized by a growing interest in the universe, our 2017 palette is a collection of galactic-inspired colours ranging from night sky darks to muted and hazy cosmic pastels, balanced by intense, rich hues.

Cosmic energy and influences are more a part of our everyday life than we may think. The universe and a BioCentric philosophy that we’re all connected is becoming a stronger influence on design, colour and home decor trends. With an airy connection to nature and the organic, this year’s colour and decor trends align us with our own world and what exists beyond.

Dulux 2017 Colour of the Year: Starry Sky 

Starry Sky (70BB 21/147) is a mid-intensity, grey-violet colour that works well in any room. This purple is mysterious, exciting and calming all at once and provides a stellar decor backdrop.

To create a celestial yet grounded decor scheme around our 2017 Colour of the Year:

  • Use Starry Sky as a feature wall, paired with mid-intensity yet complementary colours such as moss green or blue-grey. Repeat our Colour of the Year elsewhere in the room in your accessories, throw pillows or an area rug.
  • Pair Starry Sky on your room’s walls with varying purple, mauve and violet tones in drapes, cushions and other decor elements for a monochromatic colour scheme.
  • Use Starry Sky to add an element of fun and depth to a child’s bedroom. Or create a calm, modern refuge in a bathroom, set against white fixtures and reflective, metallic accessories.

Colours that work well with this cosmic-like purple include:

More 2017 Popular Colours 

Our full 2017 colour collection ranges from deep and moody darks, to atmospheric and organic-inspired selections.

Click on any these colour chips to use our online visualizer tool to see how these colours will look in your home, even before lifting a paint brush.

BioCentric Trends in Decor

Galactic and organic inspirations merge when it comes to decorating materials and finishes under this year’s BioCentric trend.

Shimmering or earthy, fabricated or naturally occurring resins and composites have both a dynamic and grounding effect, creating unique surfaces and textures.

Playing a significant role in this year’s decor trends, woods range from medium oak tones to natural darks, all with emphasis on the natural grain of the wood.

Leather textures range from crafted yet naturally inspired patterns such as basket weave, to metallicized leathers with a subtle, galactic shimmer.

Wire-brushed blacks with glossy, silvery finishes lend an exotic touch to this year’s space-earth influenced interiors.