2015 Dulux Trends

Break Free in 2015 in a Co-leidoscope of Colour

After several tough economic years, we are craving to break free, to add spice to our lives and get a taste of the exotic. One way to do so is to surround ourselves with lavish colours. 

Co-leidoscope Colours

Like a kaleidoscope, our 2015 Co-leidoscope theme celebrates the riches of unique, uplifting and energizing colours from around the world. 

Dulux 2015 Colour of the Year: Tropic Night

Tropic Night (70BG 23/278) is a tropical, vibrant, clean blue that evokes images of the sparkling Caribbean Sea and will be noticed wherever you put it.

Pairing well with a wide range of colours, from lavish yellow-gold and coral to black, grey and white, it is enthusiastically positive, charismatic and, like the horizon, represents possibility. 

Click on any of these 2015 trend colour chips to use our Colour visualizer and to see how these colours will look in your home, even before lifting a paint brush.

More 2015 Popular Colours 

Our full 2015 colour collection ranges from majestic, dazzlingly rich pigments (inspired by jewels, gems and precious metals), to coloured darks and faded mid-tones (reflecting the time-worn hues of once-brightly coloured mosaics one might find while travelling through the eastern countries).

Hot and spicy reds and golden yellows ignite.

Rich jewel greens add eccentricity and mid- to darkened-blues add a moody mellowness. 

Plums and indigos create a bohemian flare.

Blacks and greys bring a sense of mystery and aloofness.

Co-leidoscope in Décor

The Co-leidoscope theme is applied in creative ways in décor in 2015, especially when it comes to patterning. Opulent, eccentric and vintage-inspired bohemian home fashions are everywhere.


With a story this globally rounded, styling directions play to the diversity of pattern. From Turkish carpet patterns, to Arabian prints, to Moorish mosaics, all can be used in traditional ways or loosely reinterpreted in contemporary design.


Embellished eccentric patterns - such as stylized florals, new twists on old tapestry styles, and special finishing details continue to trend through 2015. Quilting and cording are suggestive of lavish handcrafts.


All of the elegance of patterning really becomes obvious with wood. From mosaic patterns to carvings and exotic inlays, this focus is all about glamour.


This element is more about which finish than which metal - tempered hues, shifting metallics, warm alloys and metal-flake faux finishes are energetic and exotic.


Dazzling embossed and laser cut leathers and hides are rising in popularity, in both residential and commercial interiors. Majestic hues draw strong attention.

Plastics & Glass

Semi-transparent shades, rich pigments and darkened hues reflecting global chromas are evident in plastics and glass in interior finishes, accessories and housewares.