Health & Safety

Threshold Limit Value

The Threshold Limit Value (TLV) is the safe exposure level when working with solvents and chemicals. The TLV for mineral spirits (paint thinner) is 100 parts per million(ppm). Measurements show that using a brush on trim, the concentration of solvent in the air will be about 30 ppm. Using a roller on walls and ceilings, the concentration increases to about 350 ppm — 3 1/2 times the safe level. Increasing the ventilation doesn't lower the concentrations, it just makes the paint dry faster. Use a filter mask for protection and change the cartridges often.

Epoxy Paints & Lacquers

Epoxy paints and lacquers must be used in areas where there is good ventilation. Besides the health issue, the solvents in these products are very flammable and there is a danger of fire or explosion if solvent concentrations get too high and there is a spark, pilot light, heater, or someone smoking a cigarette in the area.

Soak Those Rags

Rags that have been soaked in paint thinner or have been used during the application of wiping stains must be spread out to dry or soaked in water and put in a closed metal container. Solventsoaked rags improperly disposed of are a cause of SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION AND FIRE.