Cleaning Up

Essential tools and preparation advice

  • Baseboards are the last thing to paint in a room. The biggest problem with painting baseboards is dirt and fluff off the floor or carpet sticking to the paintbrush. Always vacuum the floor before you start painting.
  • Protect the floor with a piece of card fitted between the baseboard and the floor. Move it along as you progress around the room. Alternatively use a low tack masking tape.

Painting advice

  • A good tip when painting baseboard around a fitted carpet is to only have a small amount of paint on the brush, start painting further up the baseboard, slowly working down to the carpet edge.
  • You can use a wide wallpaper striping knife to gently pull the carpet back from the baseboard and then paint the area behind with the almost dry brush. That way, when you remove the stripping knife the carpet will go back and you will have a nice clean line of paint with none on the carpet.