Alkyd Paints

Alkyd Paints


One of the weaknesses of alkyd paints is the tendency to yellow with age. Yellowing is accelerated in the absence of light (e.g. behind pictures) or if the dry paint is exposed to fumes from ammonia or the amines in epoxy paints. On new construction, damage to surfaces painted with alkyd paints can be caused by fumes during the application of epoxy flooring products, or from ammonia in cleaning products. If yellowing occurs, repainting is necessary.


Alkyd paints that contain substantial amounts of linseed oil (some house paints and tank enamels) are prone to wrinkling when used at low temperatures. These products require 48 hours dry time at 77ºF (25ºC) before recoating. If these products are topcoated before they have dried sufficiently, wrinkling will occur. If the surface is cold and the humidity is high, dry time is affected. A fast-drying topcoat applied over an undried or soft primer will also wrinkle.