One-Day DIY Decor Updates

Easy yet transformative paint projects that you can get done single day.

Think it takes loads of time to give your room a makeover? Think again.

A single, small, DIY painting project with Dulux Effects Finishes is high-impact ‘do-it-in-a-day decorating’ that delivers, without changing even a single other element in the space.

4 Get It Done In A Day Painting Projects

These four statement-making, do-it-yourself projects transform your decor with light-reflecting colour and texture, on just a single wall or by giving new luminous life to a piece of furniture.

Fireplace Focus

Make your fireplace a deserving focal point of your living room, with a selection from the Dulux Venetian Silk range of 40 alluring and lustrous colours.

The choice of Blue Jean Baby (032VS), applied just to the chimney breast in this neutral and modern living room, is inspired by the blues of the throw pillow fabrics, naturally tying the room’s colour scheme together.

Shimmering Nights

Does your bedroom yearn for a touch of individuality? Turn just one piece of furniture into a showpiece with one of 32 shimmering and sophisticated Dulux Liquid Metal colours.

This contemporary, monochromatic-leaning bedroom is spiced up with the addition of a single, brightly coloured element. The night table has been treated to an unexpected but captivating coat of Spiced Squash (018LM).

Beauty Block

Colour blocking is a trick designers use to visually break up a large expanse of wall or to create a focal point in a room that lacks one.

To achieve the same effect as in this roomy loft painted with Dulux Venetian Silk Shimmery Amethyst (027VS), just pick your spot to block, tape it off with painter’s tape and get painting!

Colour Block: Dulux Venetian Silk Shimmery Amethyst (027VS) Wall: Dulux Sand Fossil DLX1098-3.

All Lined Up

Elevate the attention-grabbing effect of a feature wall by painting it in stripes - like this home office in Dulux Liquid Metal Photo Finish (008LM).

Start with two coats of Dulux Diamond, and once that is dry, measure and tape off your stripes and roll on the Liquid Metal top coat. The light play between the deeper, low luster basecoat and the metallic topcoat adds to the contrast from stripe to stripe.

How-to Tips

These incredible projects are so simple – and fun! – to do, with just a basecoat of Dulux Diamond Paint topped with easy-to-apply Dulux Effects Finishes.

Applying the Basecoat

Start by taping off the corners of the wall you’ll be painting, then a standard brush, paint roller and handle is all you need to apply the single basecoat for painting a wall in either Venetian Silk or Liquid Metal.

Use a paint brush for the nooks and crannies for painting a piece of furniture, and a small roller for the larger surfaces of the piece.

Topping It All Off

Grab a plastic applicator to create a textural Dulux Venetian Silk finish on your wall by applying the top coats in opposite directions. Spreading the Dulux Venetian Silk top coat in a single direction provides a smoother, more even finish.

Dulux Liquid Metal top coat can be applied with a brush or a sea sponge roller, which will result in a more mottled, visually textural effect. Use a small piece of sea sponge to get into the grooves and corners.

You’ll find more tips, helpful videos and the full Dulux Effects Finishes colour palettes at www.venetiansilk.ca and www.liquid-metal.ca.