Stop. Putting. It. Off.

Calling all painting procrastinators! (You know who you are…)

If you said you’d paint last week, three years ago, you are not alone. Procrastination is a common part of the painting process.

Though it may seem daunting, painting doesn’t deserve its bad rap. With the right tools and advice, painting can be easy and – dare we say it – enjoyable. So if you have too many excuses to avoid painting, like telling yourself you need to read this entire website in full, then Stop. Putting. It. Off.

But if you need one last bit of procrastination, go ahead and watch this video. But after that, no more excuses. Unless, you want to re-watch it. Twice.

Our in-store experts are here to help you get over your procrastination, judgement-free. We’ll set you up with all the paints, finishes, supplies and advice you need to stop stalling and get to rolling. Plus, it will be worth it when you have the ultimate room to sit in while you’re doing something besides procrastinating.