Flood Semi-Transparent Oil Finish

Flood Semi-Transparent Oil Finish


FLD144C Semi-Transparent Oil Finish is a premium-duality finish, fortified with Flood's exclusive PENETROL that beautifies and protects exterior wood. Lightly pigmented to enhance the natural characteristics of the wood, allowing the grain, colour variations and texture to show through while protecting the surface. 

Ideal for

Exterior wood vertical and horizontal surfaces: decks, siding, fences, shakes, shingles, doors, trim boards, barns, beams, rafters and outdoor furniture.


Available Sheens

  • Semi-transparent

Available Bases

  • Neutral

Features & Benefits

Solvent Borne Alkyd Formulation

Provides rich, subtle and fade resistant finish while providing protection against damage from UV rays.

Fortified with Penetrol

Provides excellent penetration.

Water repellent coating

Protects wood from water damage.

Moisture and Mildew Resistant

Provides a mildew resistant finish

Technical Information
Product SKU Sheen Base Sizes TDS SDS Certifications
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