Int/Ext Polyurethane Water-Based Varnish

Int/Ext Polyurethane Water-Based Varnish


A modified urethane resin formulation delivers excellent hardness and toughness that provides exceptional performance.

Ideal for

All interior wood projects including  floors, doors, trim, panelling, furniture and cabinets. Vertical exterior surfaces such as doors and trim.

Not to be used on decks and fences. 

Features & Benefits

Sands Easily Between Coats

Helps to create the perfect, ultra-smooth topcoat.

Highly-Effective Blend of UV Absorbers

Provides exceptional protection for interior floors and wood surfaces that are exposed to an extensive amount of sunlight.

Polyurethane-Fortified Formula

Resists abrasion and marring.

Interior/Exterior Formulation

Enhanced versatility with multiple applications.