Playful, Zesty, Shiny, Vivacious, Alert, Assertive

Use yellow to create an atmosphere that nurtures a sense of freedom and energy. An ideal choice for dark hallways and small rooms, yellow expands any space and adds sunshine to a room without natural light.

Creating a zone

Yellow attracts our attention like no other colour. It's frequently used as a warning signal, or to delineate public spaces, but it can also be put to good use in your house. Yellow can lengthen and brighten a dark, narrow hallway. Painting a ceiling yellow adds interest and lift to a space. A coloured ceiling may sound intimidating, but if you choose a hue that fits the space and plays well with other colourful objects, there's really no problem. 

Internationally popular for interiors, yellow can be anything from traditional to modern. This bright yellow is used both to disguise and accentuate the industrial sparseness of the space. Colour can be a powerful tool.

A special, new role is reserved for fizzy lemon sorbet yellow. It is the perfect colour for back walls that need a little something, particularly when you don't want that 'something' to eat up the whole space. Just a polkadot or stripe, for instance.

All-out yellow

Ready to throw caution to the wind? Refreshing and conducive to creativity, yellow is a wonderful statement colour. It will do anything from freshening up black furniture, to happily mixing and matching in several tints and shades, to brightening a narrow stairway. Yellow simply packs a punch. Just be sure to find a shade that matches the available daylight for optimum results.