Mysterious, Floral, Eccentric, Magical, Imperial, Rich

Violet, a versatile colour from strong and bold to feminine and understated, creates a sensitive and inspiring setting that nurtures a sense of balance and purpose.

Purple embrace

When picturing warm colours to complement a palette of cool neutrals, many people imagine variations of brown, yellow and orange. In fact, purple, especially plum and blueberry tones, can have a similarly soothing effect.

Generally perceived too dark a colour to use in larger quantities, big stretches of violet actually can look fresh and welcoming. This hallway and staircase are decorated in classic lavender, which works wonders with the crisp white trim and the light wooden floor.


Lilac is a tiny drop of purple in a sea of white, a colour that only blooms to life once a paintbrush touches a wall. Because shadows in rooms often take on a lilac tinge at sunset and at dawn, lilac adds a touch of the illusionary. Is it really there, or just a faint shadow? And is it truly lilac, or rather pink, or blue, or even grey? Decorating a room with lilac is a promise to surprise yourself.

Floral shades of purple are easy to incorporate in any interior, because of their muted character. Heather, eggplant and foxglove go well with olives, greys and tans, creating rooms filled with writerly serenity.