Power, Joy, Awareness, Ardour, Enthusiasm, Fortune

In living, dining and bedrooms use red (or pink) to create warm, inviting spaces, from a dynamic focal wall to an overall vibrant and energetic space. 

The power of red


A little red is a lot of red, and a small red surface has lots of impact. Because red has this talent to draw our gaze, it's perfectly suited for special effects. In terms of amount, there's not that much red in this kitchen, but because the colour echoes around the room - appearing in a painting, the barstools, a dishcloth - it makes a big impression. On the left, two floors are connected by a band of red, guiding our eyes upwards to a unique roof window.

Bright reds and pinks are such stand-alone cola space. Here, red tones turn a palatial hallway into something more playful.

Pure playfulness

Red can be a very strait-laced colour (when it's an alarm button, or military uniform), but it can be playful as well. When red is combined with, or diluted into pink, it becomes positively irreverent. Fresh floral pink is the colour of joy and fun, perfect for experiments. The cartoonesque effects of the dotted line, the partial polkadots and the trompe l'oeuil square shown on these pages are undeniably uplifting. Sometimes, making light of things is just what's needed.

Like its big brother red, pink has many faces. It can be sweet with a hint of irony, demure and classic, or surprisingly modern.