Lavish, Soft, Understated, Natural, Easy-going

Neutrals, timeless and practical, look good with any colour, offering true versatility and flexibility in creating welcoming spaces, whether contemporary or classic, chic or cozy.

This neutral means business.

'Neutral' - an interesting word when it comes to colours. In fact, neutrals can be full of meaning and character. The room featured here, while distinctly neutral, is devoted to offer the utmost in creature comforts and relaxation. These spaces are no less neutral, but their dark colours, linear aspect and choice of materials - wood, stone, metal - suggest a different, more sober function. Neutral may just be another word for multipurpose.

Welcoming and comfortable, a room decorated in warm neutrals will make anyone feel at home. Dark, textured accessories add visual interest and depth.

Wood's best friend

Cream, caramel and chocolate go naturally with wood. So naturally, in fact, that it makes you wonder if it won't turn out too predictable. But that is where your creativity comes in. Add a hint of green, soft pink, taupe or metal. Put the wood centre-stage and use the colours as a backdrop. No room will ever look 'too beige' as long as you are there to mix it up.

Warm neutral also means: the glow of polished wood, the sheen of gold, bronze or copper, the deep terracotta tan of sun-drenched earth. Easy to achieve and surprisingly modern.

Looking for subtlety

Cool and warm neutrals mix well. A cream-coloured stone floor, wooden beams and an olive door can be united by a soft grey wall. A purple wall and papery white floor can be balanced out by a cream-coloured fireplace. Balance is the key word: in this example the bedroom might have felt too drowsy if the walls were beige.

Cool neutrals and white

To make a cool neutral come alive, black and white are its ideal companions, because they are a great, graphic help at expressing ideas. Will the grey of your choice be industrial, basic, romantic, or daringly modern?

The abundance of colours hidden in cool neutrals can be teased out with just a touch of contrast. There it is: a rainbow of greys for you to choose from.