Natural, Restorative, Peaceful, New, Growth

Green symbolizes nature and environmentalism, providing a sense of renewal, tranquility and harmony, perfect for refreshing and revitalizing any room. 

Lively green

Unlike blue or yellow, green occupies a fairly large section of the visible colour spectrum. Which is probably why a lot of almost-yellows and nearly-blues are perceived as some sort of green. That certainly broadens the horizon when combining green hues. In the room on the right, every colour, apart from the band of dark brown, belongs to a different family of green, used to provide an interesting backdrop for a vertical garden.

It's almost impossible to compete with nature. So instead of imitating it, the owners of this house sought to celebrate it, with a cocktail of amazing lime, mint and olive.

Making it work

Yellow, grey and blue greens go together in charming and wildly different ways. Sometimes, all a room needs is a modest touch of green here and there. A band of sage along a hallway or soft linden green alongside a window will connect other elements like plants, candles and carpets. When we opt for bolder greens, it is to make a statement. Like in this workspace, with its active bamboo and teal combo, or the bedroom on the left, where serenity rules supreme.

Muted greens are soothing and calming. Nevertheless, covering a whole room in them can create a spectacular effect.

Oceanic delights

In contrast with the popsicle freshness of yellow green, blueish greens like absinth, teal and peacock have a mesmerizing quality. They wow as a small accent, and yet fade outwards on a large wall, blurring corners and hard edges into something pleasingly indefinite. These will make you think fondly of an old house where no two walls are straight. Or a new house where the walls are almost reproachfully straight.