Cool, Wise, Boundless, Stable, Trustworthy, Fresh

Soft blue creates a soothing and relaxing space while brighter blue revitalizes and refreshes a room, providing energy without overpowering.

Architectural blue

Much has been made of blue's special property to retreat and make objects in lighter or warmer colours against it appear closer. The owners of this house decided on a playful approach and chose a pretty royal blue to take on a double role, that of forefront and background at the same time. A careful application of blue at steady intervals leads the eye down the hallway; whereas the white walls take on a supporting role and give the blue a graphical edge.

Many associate blue with sky and water. Instead of toning this wonderful colour into pastel shades, why not honour the natural elements surrounding you? The intensity of this wall sings praise of the water outside.

A touch of wood

On the colour wheel, variations of blue are more or less opposite to orange and tertiary colour brown. That makes blue a natural partner for wood and leather, in whatever shape, size or proportion. These pictures all have blue and white as base notes, mixed up with warm and natural objects. Anything goes!

From airy and fresh to tropical and exciting, to inky and velvety, blue isn't just for bedrooms and bathrooms.