2016 Colour Trends

Paint Colours Are Just Dreamy In 2016

Our 2016 palette is a dreamy collection of soothing, delicate shades of soft pastels that are a charming assortment of misty-coloured, comforting colours.

But these definitely aren’t the pastels of the past. Our 2016 colours are more natural and pigment-infused than the popular shades of the ’80s, offering a subdued yet vibrant expression, muddied yet rich, and subtle yet strong.

Lucid Dreams

The overarching qualities of the theme of our 2016 paint collection, Lucid Dreams, are subtle but not necessarily typical. The focus is on fluidity, delicacy and graceful design in promoting balanced wellness, purity and awareness through the soft richness of these new pastels.

Dulux 2016 Colour of the Year: Bear Run

Bear Run (10BG 46/112) is an ethereal blue that exudes calm and peacefulness, reflecting our increasing mindfulness about the importance of promoting life balance, and reducing mental and physical clutter. 

Anchored by dark grey, black and light neutrals, Bear Run and all of our 2016 colours are livable and elegant in any decor setting.

Click on any these 2016 trend colour chips to use our Colour visualizer and to see how these colours will look in your home, even before lifting a paint brush.

More 2016 Popular Colours 

Our full 2016 colour collection ranges from delicate corals and pinks, through to pale greens and blues and muted yellows, accented by gentle yet supportive greys and browns.

Lucid Dreams in Decor

Reflective of the calm, orderly yet contrasting characteristics of the Lucid Dream motif, elements of decor in this theme are clean, streamlined and well-made.

Natural textures and materials add warmth to this nearly minimalist mood. Cozy and plush textiles soften contemporary lines while matte finishes add a sense of quietness.


Dreamy floral patterns get a sophisticated yet subtle new look in pastels. 


Bleached and ultra-light driftwood hues help set the scene for a dreamy decor.


As with the rest of the theme, softness prevails. Brass is trending for interiors, in less-prominent brushed and satin finishes.


Conveying suppleness, luxury and coziness, chalky and pastel leathers give new life to upholstery, with suede making a comeback as an accent material.

Plastics & Glass

Plastics with ethereal, cloud-like qualities and smoky and frosted glass evoke a sense of veiled lightness.